The Drill E1 and E2 … We’re open-mouth and launching, and Novocaine is optional

So, what’s new with you?
Yup, we’ve experienced a few interesting things the last few weeks … but what’s in the past is history. Which is important to know and even more important to learn from.
How about we drill forward. Which is probably more productive than sitting back on all the things you’ve done before and believe they still matter.

The drill… it won’t hurt.

Check out this new show that a few journalistic-type friends and I are working. For now, we call it “The Drill,” an L.A.-sports-eccentric production out of the ProAngle Media production studios in Carson. We post at the start of the week to review what just happened and project what’s coming based on our calculations and experiences.
No personal bashing. No “hot takes.” Like being in the press box without staring at our iPhones to make sure we haven’t missed anything happening right in front of our faces.
Have a look at Episode 2 on Facebook and YouTube. And it’s above for those who don’t like clicking hyperlinks.
(Episode 1? OK, it’s here too, but …. curb your enthusiasm … sweet sassy molassy)

Think of it as maybe “PTI” meets NPR. We want to educate and put into context what’s happening based on what’s grabbing our interests. We may lapse into some “old-time story telling,” but we won’t bore you with things unless we think you’ll get something out of it.
The beauty is also that it’s viewer-driven with where we go from here — let us know what you like, want to see more, care to see less.
With Episode 2 posted on Monday, March 12, we’ve also decided that, instead of screen graphics or inserts, here’s a “cheat sheet” reference list of some of the things we’ve discussed in case you’d like to explore more about it.

Such as:

    • 9781635762624_p0_v5_s550x406We talked about Tom’s trip to Las Vegas for the Pac-12 Tournament, to do a Q&A with Ed O’Bannon about winning his legal battle over the use of name, likeness and image with the NCAA. Here is the link
    • If you’re interested in O’Bannon’s book, written with SI’s Michael McCann, we highly recommend it. It’s available on Amazon here.
    • We talked about how there’s only been one #8 seed to win the tourney. It was Villanova in 1985. Read up. (Tom predicts an 8-12 seed will win it this year).
    • Beto showed his OC knowledge. Here’s the bar he talked about near Cal State Fullerton called “Off Campus.”
    • Diego Rossi has been on fire for LAFC. Here’s his first goal:
    • How good was Julius Randle on Sunday night against Cleveland? He was this good.
    • Someone didn’t recognize Jack Nicholson? Well, it’s not as good as it gets, and some of us can’t handle the truth of how he’s looking these days (compared to Magic Johnson, for sure). The New York Post’s Page Six jumped on that.
    • jerry-west-nba-logoFor anyone who wonders how much Jerry West — and why producer Jon thinks the Clippers have any sort of edge over the Lakers if he indeed plays somewhere outside of Cleveland next year — consider West’s career accomplishments (outside modeling for the logo).
    • Beto had never heard of Black and Decker! As 50 somethings, it has been a hardware staple! (Yeah, sure, Beto hires someone to work for him).
    • Yes, Lowery has jumped into 2018. Here’s his Twitter handle (As for Tom Hoffarth and Beto Duran, you already know where to find us).
    • If you’ve never seen, heard or experienced Sir Howard Cosell… He was an American institution who helped create the entertainment value of “Monday Night Football,” far from what it is today. Check him out:
    • Oscar Valdez broke his jaw in the ring the other night and kept on fighting. Need more?
    • The Tiger effect was huge in golf this weekend as The Masters comes up. Be aware that his name is being thrown around again, but in a positive way this time, as TV networks wish they had more of him going on.
    • In a segment we call “The Business,” Tom gets into how the new NCAA Tourney Selection Show was met with mixed reviews. Like these. And the Lawrence, Kansas Police Department had some fun with the selection show.
    • If you haven’t seen the 2011 movie “Moneyball,” this is what it was about (prepare to be Brad Pitt-ified:
    • We all love us some Santa Anita, it’s a Southern California gem … and my daughter wanted to remind me that I failed to mention that every time I took her out there, she “suggested” bets placed on horses (and jockeys) that were dressed up in pink. It paid off (with ice cream). Tom’s personal favorite moment was Zenyatta’s Breeders’ Cup Classic win in 2009, thanks to Trevor Denman’s call:
    • A great restaurant after a day at the races is in Pico Rivera. We talked about Dalrae.
    • Uh, we unfortunately mentioned Angela Lansbury. Mrs. Potts. “Murder She Wrote.” She has a lot of charm back in her heyday. She’s no Angie Dickinson.
    • There’s a reason why Bruce Springsteen’s “Glory Days” resonates with a lot of us. Hum along if you will (and note the “speedball” reference):
    • So, let us know what you think at this point. Was this list helpful?


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