The Drill E6: On Ohtani’s perfect pitches, Zlatan’s return to the pitch, and whatever other hype we pitch to the masses

We’ve already got our first reunion show after what happened in Episode 5 …
We start with Beto’s critique of the show he missed, and we move forward.

Here’s what we covered:

* From Jim Thompson’s illustration about the Ohtani showdown against Zlatan for L.A. Sports Star Hype.


* For those who aren’t sure about what they remember from “Fernandomania” in 1981 in storyform and in video
* Highlights of Ohtani’s perfect game through 7 1/3 last Sunday with some of Victor Rojas’ dancing around calling it a perfect game effort.
*We’re at a point now where The Onion is even on the Ohtani story.
* Those who were critical of CBS’ coverage of the Masters in regards to Patrick Reed were pieces like this and like this.
* An example of our 30 days of baseball book reviews in the 30 days of April for 2018: This one for Day 10 on photos of Cuban baseball. Here’s the one about Bob Tewksbury on the inner thinking of the game.
* “The Sandlot” hits 25 years.
* More on the Long Beach Grand Prix this weekend.
* And as we give out the social media links — Drill Sports, and the Twitter handles of @DuranSports @TomHoffarth @SteveLowery12 and @McKLVtheJon, we finish off with “The Carlton” dance from the original “Fresh Prince” with 16 million views from 11 years ago

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