Sports Media Column Version 04.22.18: Brockmire vs. Musburger … for all the Tostitos?

In the time between we documented Hank Azaria’s trip to L.A. to promote Season 2 of IFC’s “Brockmire,” and the time the column finally posted, Brent Musburger has retaliated.
Azaria, as Brockmire, went off on a Musburger-related rant, the video of which on the Rich Eisen show we have included in this column or, watch above.
Since then, Musburger replied via Twitter:

The response:

Musburger then circled back to Eisen’s show on Friday to say this:

Friday, Azaria was on the Dan Patrick Show — as himself — so we’re wondering if he even saw it.

Yo, Brent: Why don’t you have a bobblehead?
Let the star-cross-promotion begin.

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