The Drill E10: Into double digits with a three-man crew — Zlatan’s zero-tolerance, LeBron’s dino lancing, and sorry to Mike Trout … how about a high-five?


Tom, Steve and Jon: Present.
Beto and Smedes: Absent.
They must not want to win. Time to call them out.
So, the 10th episode of The Drill becomes the three-man weave.

Here are the links that help put some of it into context:
= As for Zlatan calling out his Galaxy teammates story … Remember when Kirk Gibson screamed at his new Dodgers’ teammates in 1988 spring training — the last World Series title year? And Gibson’s regular-season MVP numbers were not all that impressive.
= How many teams has Ibra played for? Nine, by this count.
= Jim Thompson’s illustration that goes with LeBron James’ slicing and dicing of the Toronto Raptors, and will that success keep him in Cleveland or perhaps make it OK for him to join the Lakers/Clippers in L.A.?

= During the discussion on Mike Trout, we’ve got proof on how he resonates with today’s young players.

E10highno= At the 16-minute mark, up until the 31-minute mark: The sports media column that was the launching point — or follow up to a tweet — about objectivity lacking with a team-owned channel coverage.
= And finally … raccoons. Can’t live with ’em, can’t live with ’em.
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john= Post script: If you care to listen to an hour long discussion of various aspects of the sports media that I tend to cover, please check out this (about an hour) podcast discussion with John Shrader, the one-time Long Beach State journalism professor now teaching and doing work at the University of Nebraska.

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