The Drill: Men of pause kicks in


After 10 episodes of “The Drill,” our crew took a week off, mostly because our schedules didn’t align quite right. But we also want to recalibrate how we want to drill forward with our little helmet lanters. We learn a lot from each episode — tighten it up, break out important issues, and keep bringing in raccoons.
The constructive response has been appreciated to our posts on Facebook and YouTube, and then distributed here with some context about what we are addressing in what we still like to think of as an L.A.-centric version of “Pardon The Interruption.”
If you’ve not seen any episodes since the first couple, we invite you to check these latest efforts out, ones that hold some shelf life and value (another key element) and realize you don’t have a lot of time in your day to sit through 40-plus minutes.
Enjoy and let’s touch base next week (and if you choose to click on a few ads that pop up on your screen, we’d appreciate it):

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