Crank it up to Season 11: The 30 baseball book reviews for the 30 days of April has a new home in 2018 … it’s here … yeah, we’ll slide into this home …

Yes, it’s Ty Cobb. Going spikes first into home. In 1912.

Since the launch of this 30-for-30 project in 2008, and with no hopes of it continuing to be “a thing” in 2018, we come flying feet first at somewhat of a crossroads in the annual list of 30 baseball book reviews during the 30 days of April.
The first 10 years of this project was supported by editors at the Southern California News Group, and we were able to expand upon it for some interesting author Q-and-As for the weekly sports media column.
Since cutbacks have unfortunately occurred in the ‘Group – nothing different from other media organizations struggling with survival in a changing technical world – we’re left to our devices and take this on as a solo project, with this new platform, launching this Sunday, hoping enough will be able to find and enjoy it by the time it wraps up.
IMG_2544For some perspective, here’s what we covered in the previous 10 seasons:
= From 2017
= From 2016
= From 2015
= From 2014
= From 2013
= From 2012
= From 2011
= From 2010
= From 2009
= From 2008 : Actually, where ever the original list once existed, we can’t find it.)
There’s also this explanation we once gave to Ron Kaplan as to why we even try this. And thanks again to some guidance from Ron and others. Thanks too to the recent support from Wendy Parker from her, and her recent list of baseball books to look out for, many of which we will cover as well.

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