The Drill E7: All in all, another brick in the wall on the boxer’s shorts, plus Kap to Rams, Chosen Rosen’s choices, ‘Brockmire’ in person and … an NHL minute

Fifth one minutes and 59 seconds is a personal best — for longest show in “The Drill” history. Worthy if nearly a full hour?
Well, it’s chock full of nuts. Aside from the panelists.

Here’s how we break it down for those who need some help:

*Two minutes in: The new business card to take to the CAA Sports Congress at LA Live:

*Four minutes in: The Mahoney Valley Scrappers, a real Single-A short-season team
*Five minutes in: Introducing the “Heberts” — Guy Hebert vs. Bobby Hebert
And more about Beyonce at Coachella while noting Kendrick has won a Pulitzer before any of us journalists.

*Eight minutes in: Clippers have missed their LA chance and we’ve been there with the Lakers. More on the Lakers’ offseason.
* 13 minutes in comes “The NHL minute” with Eric: Drew Doughty’s “questionable” suspension and the Ducks give up 8. Anddddd, we’re done.
* 15 minutes in: Shhhhhhhh … Ohtani needs quiet time?
* 16 minutes in: The Jim Thompson illustration on Angels vs. Dodgers bandwagon fans who are image consciousness, exclusive to viewers of “The Drill”:


* 20 minutes in: Beto’s incredible first-hand account of watching and reporting on how “Lightning” Rod Salka’s “America First” trunks didn’t do him any favors against Francisco Vargas and only made it a national story.

* Which leads to Jon’s reference to Tommy Z’s KO once upon a bad-strategy time:

*THE BUSINESS (at the 36 minute mark)
* The ESPN Magazine cover story on Josh Rosen, along with the Washington Post story that uses “Jewish” and “millennial” in the headline.
(And with our new feature, “Drill Bits,” we can isolate that discussion (eight minutes long) right here (also noting that 42 minutes in, John uses the first F-bomb in “The Drill” history. A few times. In context …)

* 45 minutes in: More about our time spent with Hank Azaria as “Jim Brockmire” leads to this clip of “The Meltdown”:

* And we have this exclusive four-minute interview with Azaria after we visited him and his appearances Monday on “The Rich Eisen Show” (DirecTV’s Audience Network) and “Mason and Ireland” at 710-AM ESPN:

* More on the Los Angeles Azules and we’ll take you out with cuts from The Bronx:

And Mariachi El Bronx (which we believe could be our new bumper music):

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