Sports Media Column Version 04.29.18: Not to dodge the question, but what if SportsNet LA could offer up individual games … and more

11111imagesExcuse me ….
I was trying to get the attention of someone working the frenzied Friday night floor at Barney’s Beanery atop the Redondo Beach Pier. All the different sports on the dozens of TV monitors throughout the place added to the derangement.
“Excuse me,” I asked a bit louder. “Can you put the Dodgers’ game on?”
On a night when L.A. had no Lakers, Clippers, Kings or Ducks playoffs games to otherwise take center stage, there happened to be a Dodgers-National game of national importance. The marquee matchup of Clayton Kershaw against Max Scherzer taking place at Dodger Stadium, was exclusive to SportsNet LA.
Kershaw was moments away from delivering the first pitch when a couple flicks of the remote eventually got the game onto two screens behind the bar, one more off to the left, and another behind me.
That’s it?
Less than a dozen pitches into the game, Kershaw was trailing 2-0. A cheer came from the bar area.
It was from a Nats fan, waving his menu in the air.
Excuse me, but what’s wrong with this picture?
There are many ways the SportsNet LA experience continues to baffle some, and be completely off the radar for others.
But could things be changing soon? Pay attention to the Department of Justice suit against AT&T trying to take over Time Inc., and the trickle-down effect it could have with SportsNet LA distribution.
More at our weekly media column posted on the Southern California News Group websites.

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