The big ask: It’s not what the Dodgers can do you … it’s what you can do for Dodgers’ group of sponsors

asgesThe email began:
“The Dodgers have the best fans in sports, which is why we want to hear from you! Please take a moment to fill out this quick survey so the Dodgers and our 2018 partners can better serve you going forward. The Dodgers and our 2018 partners thank you in advance for your time and participation.”
And if this is all related to advertisers needing some data, what incentive do I have in taking the next 10 minutes to fill this out?
A free ticket? A discount on some prime merch?
Peace of mind that I can connect to a company in a way that affords me the knowledge that my opinions will be heard and assessed and valued and exude change?
I had no choice but to pick the later. The first two were not even options.
Here’s how it went at this link.

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